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Narcissistic Abuse, Coercive Control & New Irish DA Laws Training Seminar

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  • Date created

    August 9, 2019

  • Last updated

    May 6, 2020


In Irish law – as of 30th December 2018, Coercive Control became a criminal offense. Coercive Control, also known as Narcissistic abuse, is a pattern of acts of intimidation, humiliation, threats and psychological violence done to a person in an intimate or family relationship. It is finally illegal to torment, control or create fear in a relationship – separate from acts of physical violence.

What’s covered

Discussion of the advent of the law – handouts on Irish, Scottish and UK laws and Guidelines. Clear definitions of Coercive Control. Documentation Guidelines – this is critical for building a case Ways of helping our clients recover. Numerous case studies and group work.

Expected Outcomes

By gaining a strong foundation of the history and underpinning of these new regulations we will be equipped to train our clients who are undergoing Narcissistic abuse.

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