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Narcissistic Abuse, Coercive Control & New Irish DA Laws Training Seminar

No Workshops Available

Teachers: Dr. Denise Mullen
Narcissistic abuse, is a pattern of acts of intimidation, humiliation, threats and psychological violence...

Working with Difficult Clients

Use of Dreams in the Work

Teachers: Dr. Denise Mullen
This workshop focuses mainly on Borderline traits and how to help therapists deal with the issues of this demanding population.

Attachment Theory

Workshop September 15th (Friday) and 16th (Saturday) September 2023

Teachers: Dr. Denise Mullen
In these workshops we will go beyond the initial understanding of the Theory of Attachment to a deeper awareness of the specific profiles in the Avoidant, Ambivalent and Chaotic categories.

Working with Narcissism

No Workshops Available

Teachers: Dr. Denise Mullen
This workshop is designed to be of practical use. Denise Mullen draws on her 30 years of work with individuals dealing with narcissism, utilising theory as well as case studies from her own practice.

Recommended Books

Workshops and Training

Teachers: Dr. Denise Mullen
Here you will find books recommended by Dr. Denise, which relate to the Workshops and Training.
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